Conserving Wildlife & Habitats

NCWF is a conservation organization bringing together outdoor enthusiasts, government and industry to protect North Carolina’s wildlife and habitat.


Conservation Priorities

Stopping the serious decline of biological diversity depends on conservation action now.

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Hunters and anglers have led the way in wildlife conservation for years. They continue to provide crucial funding for conservation programs and serve as a strong voice for wildlife issues in the state and national legislature.

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North Carolina’s Wild Places​

Since 1945, NCWF has worked to save NC’s unique wildlife and habitat.

Gather your family & friends and plan your next outdoor adventure for one of North Carolina’s many unforgettable natural destinations.

Help NCWF preserve wildlife and wild places for our children and future generations to come.

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Protect Wildlife Support NCWF​

NCWF supports clean renewable energy, like offshore wind power, that makes a positive difference for endangered species like these baby loggerhead turtles off North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast.

Join with us. Wildlife needs you.

NCWF Conservation Programs

Our programs are making a positive difference for Wildlife and Wild Places in NC. Learn about the programs. Join our efforts.

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