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Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support NCWF and protect the wildlife and wild places we love. You can easily start, change or stop your gift at any time online or by calling us.

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If your employer participates in a matching gift program, your NCWF contribution may go twice as far for wildlife. Check with your employer’s human resources department or go to your company’s website for information. Simply fill out a matching gift form from your employer and send it to us. Once we receive your form, we will verify your gift and submit the form to your employer for a match.

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Honor the life and legacy of a loved one by making a lasting difference for wildlife in their memory, or by paying tribute to an event or a special day (graduation, birthday, anniversary, holiday).

“If we are to succeed as a conservation movement and as a society, it will take us all.”

Tim Gestwicki, CEO, North Carolina Wildlife Federation

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Charlie Shaw Society Membership

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation established the Charlie Shaw Society in tribute to Charlie Shaw’s dedication to wildlife conservation and his never ending contributions to North Carolina’s environment.

The Charlie Shaw Society continues his legacy in raising funds for what Charlie always believed in: conservation of our unique natural resources. Society members are our most dedicated supporters – generous members who have made a commitment to the work and programs of NCWF through an annual contributing of $1,000 or more. Gifts can be made in one lump sum or in any number of smaller contributions within a calendar year, and can be directed to any NCWF program that is of interest to the donor.

About Charlie Shaw

Charles Raymond Shaw was born July 15, 1932. He was raised at Overhills, the Harnett County estate of the Rockefeller family, where he developed an early and abiding love for wildlife and the environment.

Charlie helped to found the Wake County Wildlife Club in 1964 and remained a charter member. He served as the club’s president in 1968. He was elected president of the NC Wildlife Federation in 1973 and assumed the post of executive vice president later that same year. In 1981, he became southeastern Regional Executive of the National Wildlife Federation. He was inducted into the NC Conservation Hall of Fame in 1988.

During his tenure with the NC Wildlife Federation, Charlie led the effort to involve fishermen and boaters in cleaning up North Carolina lakes and rivers by establishing a series of “environmental” fishing tournaments – where a bag of trash picked up from along the shoreline was as important as hooking a big bass.

He also led the North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s efforts against the destructive practice of stream “channelization” and helped to initiate a lawsuit that resulted in a landmark decision against channelization.

Current Charlie Shaw Society Members

Society members are our most dedicated supporters – generous members who have made a commitment to the work and programs of NCWF through an annual contributing of $1,000 or more. Thank you!

Jennifer Alligood

Alen Baker

Chris Baker

John Benbow

John Bishop

Philip Blumenthal

Bob Brown

Mollie Brugh

Sid Bruton

Pinkney Bynum

Mike Byrd

Paul and Margaret Campbell

Susan Cameron

Maurice and Addria Capps

James Cogdell

John Crosland

John and Pam Crutchfield

Jerry Davis

Roger and Sally Dick

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Dickey

James Doyle

Wayne and Deborah Edge

Ray Felton

Catherine Fuller

John and Bess Fuller

Manley Fuller

Carol Gestwicki

Tim and Karen Gestwicki

Ken Gill

Joan Gillings

Neil and Nancy Goodman

Walter and Susan Hannah

Fred Harris

Susan Harris

Phil and Bessie Hinton

John Hislop

Bill and Deborah Jarman

Carol Buie and Jay Jackson

Lawrence Kimbrough

Harry Lancaster and Jane Henderson

Mark Lancaster

Jeffrey Martin

Richard and Julia Mode

Patrick O’Leary

Perry Patterson

Greg Pechmann

Dale Petty

Jane and Mark Ritchie

John and Holly Robbins

Tonda Schmunk

Tony Smith

Rick Smith

Deborah Spalding

Jack and Jenny Spruill

Brad and Shelli Stanback

Fred and Alice Stanback

Victoria Sutton

Joye Thomas and Karen Redfern

Steve Turley

Patti Wheeler

Billy Wilson

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